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Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day.

Dr. Katrinka March

Practice Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Katrinka March, DVM

At a young age, Dr. Trinka developed a deep love of medicine and a strong desire to help sick or injured animals. When she was 12 years old, she accompanied her dog to a checkup at the local clinic. Upon expressing interest in becoming a vet, the doctor strongly discouraged her, stating that not only was the work difficult, but as a female, she probably wouldn’t make it in the business. As a successful vet and the owner of Montecito Animal Clinic, Dr. Trinka has certainly proven that naysayer wrong!

Dr. Trinka’s journey in the veterinary industry began at a small animal clinic in Grants Pass, OR. The couple who owned the practice recognized her potential and saw to it that she was exposed to all areas of the practice, from mopping the floors, to answering the phones, to removing porcupine quills from dog noses. From there, Dr. Trinka held jobs at a number of practices. To broaden her experience, she also volunteered at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, worked at the Equine Holding Station, and held a variety of volunteer jobs at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis.

Dr. Trinka was accepted into the UC Davis Veterinary School (the only vet school in California at the time, and still the best in the nation). She graduated in 1990 and promptly joined the Montecito Animal Clinic team as an associate veterinarian. In 2001, Dr. Trinka decided to purchase the practice from Dr. Foster. Clinically, she enjoys solving puzzles and loves the fact that every day is new and different. And, of course, who doesn’t love snuggling a kitten at the end of the day?

At home, Dr. Trinka has five cats of her own, many of which started out as bottle babies. Mack was part of a litter that was found in the engine of a car. S’nothers was part of another litter of tiny kittens brought into the office. Ruth Bader and her two sisters were found in a shed and brought in very undernourished and weak. RB was the only survivor of the three, which is why she is named after the strongest woman Dr. Trinka could think of. Alfalfa is yet another bottle baby, and last but not least, there’s Lint Trap aka Linty, a cerebellar cat, who Dr. Trinka believes are among the sweetest, most loving kitties.

In addition to her passion for animals, Dr. Trinka has many other interests and hobbies as well, including sailing, camping, and hiking. An avid musician, Dr. Trinka has played saxophone since elementary school, and currently plays in a semi- marching band called the California Repercussions. She also recently took up the cello and string bass, playing with both the DVC Orchestra as well as the Danville Community Band.

Dr. Shore


Dr. Karen Shore, B.V.M.S.

Bio coming soon.